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Investment Approach

Investment Approach

Our investment management experience assists clients in clarifying their goals and identifying appropriate investment strategies to reach those goals.  The firm is dedicated to discovering asset managers who have a history of stable, high-quality performance that is consistent with the firm's emphasis on building and protecting clients' capital. The investment management style focuses on what we can control and ignores what we cannot. Fees, taxes, investment risk and your financial goals are within your control.

Our disciplined investment approach is guided by our belief in these principles:


Expenses reduce returns and often investors do not understand all of the costs involved in the management of their portfolio.  All things being equal, we will lean toward the investment with the lower cost.

Asset Allocation:

We identify an allocation across a variety of asset classes to provide the optimum balance between risk and return. 


Transparency is at the core of everything we do - from investment selection, to financial planning, to client service. We explain every step of our process along the way.

Long-Term Perspective:

We believe in a long-term perspective when creating our portfolios. Our focus is on what we can control and our clients' goals-not maximizing short term performance.

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